Restart problem

Logan Shaw lshaw at
Tue Sep 5 17:02:17 IST 2006

>> > From: "Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy" <miguelk at>
>> > Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 12:34:44
>> > To:MailScanner discussion <mailscanner at>
>> > Subject: Re: Restart problem

>> > I found that the script does not always stop mailscanner, so when I
>> > restart port 25 is in use and so MialScanner does not work. What I do is
>> > to explicitly stop sendmail too right after stopping MailScanner. This
>> > may be a Fedora issue.

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:
> Isn't this the same issue hashed over a while back... That it takes a
> while (sometimes substantially so) for the sendmail waorkers to
> actually finish and die? Sometomes making the sleep interval in the
> init script not be enough, so that some linger when MS want to start
> up again?
> I might remember wrong, but check that first (I'm certainly to lazy to
> search the archives for you:-):-)... Stop MS, the grep ps for sendmail
> processess...

Hmm, I think this is my cue to semi-obnoxiously point out that
if sendmail startup and MailScanner startup were separate the
way I do it (with separate init scripts, etc.), this wouldn't
be an issue.  *grin*

   - Logan

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