Debian package outdated?

Alex Pimperton alex at
Tue Sep 5 09:33:36 IST 2006

> As an alternative, involving less work for you, why not simply recommend
> that Debian users install from the tarball (so they can always keep up to
> date), but provide some basic instructions on customising the installation 
> for Debian?
I'm not demanding a Debian package as I know how much work keeping a
package updated is, especially one that changes as frequently as
MailScanner, but I would be very sorry to see Julian take this line.

Keeping software updated outside of apt is a pain and I personally
(don't know about other Debian users) try and minimise software on my
servers that isn't "apt-get-able".

I would also suggest that at a time when Ubuntu is making major
progress, and the number of users that will be using an apt based system
 is increasing, to abandon the Debian package would be a mistake.



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