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John Rudd wrote on 09/04/2006 09:17 PM:

> Note: none of the three situations say "use MS for handling the RBL".

That is correct because you forgot one situation. Some customers trust
the RBL and some don't. And a customer can decide from one moment to the
other to trust or distrust a certain RBL.

> I honestly can't think of any reason you _would_ use MS's RBL facility.
>  It's as absolute as doing the RBL entry in the MTA, yet doesn't get the
> advantage of rejecting the message during the SMTP transaction.  It
> doesn't offer me any flexibility over using RBL+access_db+delay_checks.
>  What's the point?  (it's the one feature of MS whose point I've never
> understood)

It does one thing MS is good at: tagging mail.

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