Anyone using

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Sun Sep 3 22:16:04 IST 2006


>>>> Having said that, I think it would be worth adding zen to the list and
>>>> either including a url with details of what each list is/ does or
>>>> similar
>>>> comment.

>>> I find it disturbing to see spam-sources and policy based entries in one
>>> and the same list. So it is harder to make your own policy based on the
>>> kind of client that is connecting.

>> Not if they return a code that you can filter, right?

> I haven't found anything that indicates MS or SA uses the code that is
> returned.

So lets ask Julian to have a look at that. Would save a lot of lookups.

On the other hand, i think still its rather silly to do the RBL blocking 
with MailScanner. Let either your mailer or SA do that :P


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