Whitebox Linux install

Phil Udel Phil.Udel at SalemCOrp.com
Fri Sep 1 20:50:23 IST 2006


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I have been playing around with Whitebox 4.0 and thought I would use it
instead of RedHat 4.0 for my new mailserver. I tried the rpm install but it
can't find redhat/src.  whitebox changed the names to whitebox. lol Has
anyone here used Whitebox with a rpm install?  
Well I made a small change to the install script and the install went well.

Here is the Change:
if [ -d /usr/src/redhat ]; then
  echo Good, you have /usr/src/redhat in place.
elif [ -d /usr/src/RPM ]; then
  echo Okay, you have /usr/src/RPM.
elif [ -d /usr/src/whitebox ]; then   	<-  Added
  echo Okay, you have /usr/src/whitebox.  <-  Added
  RPMROOT=/usr/src/whitebox			<-  Added
elif [ -d /usr/src/packages ]; then
  echo Okay, you have /usr/src/packages.

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