Pointless SPAM containing story snippet - Why?

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at yeticomputers.com
Fri Sep 1 17:44:53 IST 2006

I've gotten a few of those, too.  Since they're structured identically
to most of the image spam I get (minus the image), my guess is that
they're someone's broken attempt to send image spam.  Probably pointed
their spam sending program at the wrong image folder or something.  The
text portion of those messages might be an attempt to poison a Bayes
database, although it might simply be an effort to avoid getting
filtered for "not enough text" with an attached image.  I'm about an
inch away from dropping all mail with inline images.  I'll train my
users to zip 'em up first and have their families do the same.

Daniel Straka wrote:
> Been receiving spam that contains no payload, no web site links, no way
> for the spammer to ever benefit from sending it. Are these some sort of
> test or attempt to un-train spamassassin? Thanks...Dan

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