problem with recive mail from gmx

Dörfler Andreas Andreas.Doerfler at
Fri Sep 1 07:53:03 IST 2006

> Just out of curiosity, do you run any Milters? I don't recall having 
> this issue prior to running Milter-greylist and Milter-ahead. 
> Possibly 
> the problem is the Milter in front of sendmail?
> DAve

nothing special
mailscanner, spamassassin 3.1.4 done update from 3.0.4 the day bevor 
the problems startet, but ive found nothing special in the release notes 
about bigger changes and .. sa is behind sendmail

i have some rules in sendmail access like

From:sued at ERROR:"550 User unknown. We don't accept mail from spammers."

but thats only for mailadresses, not for tld´s


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