Spam changes to the end instead of the beginning of the subject line.

Duncan, Brian M. brian.duncan at
Fri Oct 27 16:43:19 IST 2006

We currently on all Spam messages add a unique identifier to the
beginning of the subject of all messages that are determined to be
Scoring spam or high scoring Spam with MailScanner/SpamAssassin. - High
scoring is due to RBL failure and gets a slightly different unique ID to
help support staff quickly identify a Spam message that failed because
of analysis of a message Vs coming from a black-listed source.

Management has asked if we can continue to do the same but append the
unique ID at the end of the subject instead of the beginning.

I see in mailscanner.conf the directive:

Scanned Modify Subject = xxx

xxx can be "no", "start", or "end" for where the "scanned" text is to
go. (We have it set to NO because we DO not mark un-scanned messages)

The "Spam modify subject =" directive is set to yes.  Can we set the
"Spam modify subject =" directive to "end"?

And can we set the "High Scoring Spam Modify Subject=" to "end" also?

So the actual text for messages that are Spam or High Scoring Spam is
added at the end of the subject instead of the beginning?

The comments in the mailscanner.conf do not look like it is an option.
I was really hoping it is.


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