slightly OT: how do i know if i've been poisoned? (Bayes)

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Oct 23 17:41:33 IST 2006

Furnish, Trever G spake the following on 10/20/2006 2:00 PM:
> Sorry, this is a bit long with some output from sa-learn --dump, but
> it's probably just simple questions for someone here...
> Been running with the same Bayes database for a long time, but lately a
> lot of uncaught messages that seem as though they ought to be caught
> very effectively using Bayesian techniques have me wondering if I have a
> problem with my Bayes database.
> To be honest I have quite a few questions related to SA's Bayes stuff
> that I should have tracked down answers to sooner. :-(
> The messages that caused me to start looking are those that all end with
> "You must to read".  I say it seems like they ought to be caught easily
Have you thought about just making a custom rule to look for that phrase and
add enough score to put it over the threshold without hurting if it fires by
Something like :

body BODY_CUSTOM_1         /You must to read/i
describe BODY_CUSTOM_1             (LOCAL RULE) custom rule 1
score BODY_CUSTOM_1                1.0
Nudge the score enough to hit. If you score at 7 and these come in at 5.5 you
could add 1.6 or so.


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