FuzzyOcr working but not via MailScanner

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at netmagicsolutions.com
Wed Oct 18 20:33:32 IST 2006

Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>> Have you restarted MailScanner?
> Yes, many times :)
> FuzzyOcr is called if I do "spamassassin -t < test.eml" but not when 
> MailScanner calls spamassassin. Someone else on the FuzzyOcr list seems 
> to have the same problem.
> Is there anything unusual in the way MailScanner calls/uses spamassassin?
> Will keep investigating...

 From the fuzzyocr FAQ
Question 10:  I am using MailScanner and I'm getting "Unexpected error 
in pipe to external programs...." with the graphic tools pipes (like 
jpegtopnm failing).

Answer 10:    MailScanner by default only passes the first 30kb of the 
mail to SpamAssassin. Sometimes, this causes the image to be truncated 
in the middle if it is bigger. The only way to fix this at the moment is 
disabling this option in MailScanner (see your documentation).

Another thing to try
Also try setting 'focr_verbose 2' in the config file, most messages 
report something like this..

[2006-10-19 01:00:40] Debug mode: Starting FuzzyOcr...
[2006-10-19 01:00:40] Debug mode: Attempting to load personal wordlist...
[2006-10-19 01:00:40] Debug mode: No personal wordlist found, skipping...
[2006-10-19 01:00:40] Debug mode: Scan canceled, message has already 
more than 10 points.

- dhawal

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