OT: need help installing FuzzyOCR

Arthur Sherman arturs at netvision.net.il
Wed Oct 18 18:30:17 IST 2006

I installed all packages on CentOS-4.4 (except for FuzzyOcr itself,
obviously) through either base yum, or CPAN, or through yum from DAG's

NetPBM and NetPBM-progs through yum;
ImageMagick-perl through yum; the package installed dependencies;
Libungif through yum;
Gocr through yum from DAG repo;
String::Approx, MLDBM, DB_File, Storable modules through CPAN;

>From FuzzyOCR INSTALL file:
2. Installing the plugin:

    2.1 Installing the required files

        Put the FuzzyOcr.cf and the FuzzyOcr.pm files into

        The FuzzyOcr.cf file already contains a line to load the plugin, if
        you want to put the .pm file in a different location, change this

        Create a wordlist file, a sample wordlist is shipped with this
        and put it also in /etc/mail/spamassassin.

It works well, up to now. I am still testing.
I have seen rpms needed for both Fedora/Redhat on DAG's repo - great one!

Hope it helps


Arthur Sherman


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> > Update... well...
> >
> > "giflib seems to be libungif" and "libungif seems to be giflib".
> >
> > Just worked out why... "giftext" and so on are missing from 
> Fedora5... the rpms are only installing 3 library files.
> >
> > So it is off to http://sourceforge.net/projects/libungif to 
> do it all from scratch without RPM.
> >   
> I ran into this problem with Redhat AS 3 and just gave up. 
> Too much work
> and a chance I will hose up my system.
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