Increased SPAM getting through

Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Oct 17 16:55:47 IST 2006

Ryan Pitt spake the following on 10/17/2006 8:32 AM:
> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> nope.
>> have you got any of the SARE/fred etc rules installed from
>> have you got razar2/dcc running?
>> have you got the network tests running so the URI-RBL rules happen?
> Martin,
> Please forgive the ignorance.  We are also experiencing high volumes of
> spam, specifically image type spam.
> How do we check if razar2, DCC and network tests are running?
> Thanks
> Ryan
You should see tags from DCC, RAZOR, or PYZOR in the message headers and the
maillog. For instance, you could see the razor hits with;
grep RAZOR /var/log/maillog

Or in a message header you should see scores related to them.


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