Greylisting .. recommendations

Pentland G. G.Pentland at
Mon Oct 16 18:06:35 IST 2006

Rob Poe wrote:
> Thinking about implementing greylisting.
> Who's greylisting programs / software does everyone use?
> I don't mind if it uses mySQL or whatever, but I need to be able to
> add whitelisted domains fairly easily.. 


Settings are of constant discussion, the following is what I have
compromised on for minimum user impact but are still quite effective.

peer <other server>
peer <other server>
peer <other server>
peer <other server>
peer <other server>
syncaddr * port 7689

acl whitelist addr
acl whitelist addr <our netblock>/16

report all
dumpfreq 10m
timeout 2d
greylist 10m
autowhite 32d (keepps monthly newsletters etc. in the list)
subnetmatch /24
pidfile "/var/run/"
socket "/var/milter-greylist/milter-greylist.sock"
dumpfile "/var/milter-greylist/greylist.db"
user "milter"

<the recommended whitelist of misbehaved servers>

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