Razor2 Solaris and hostname

uNiXpSyChO marco at uNiXpSyChO.com
Sat Oct 14 17:24:29 IST 2006

Mike Tremaine wrote:
> I have one last problem on this setup it seems [and I haven't totally 
> isolated it but] whenever razor2 plugin detects a spam it resets the 
> hostname to --fqdn under Solaris 10. Using Razor2-2.82 
> Mailscanner-4.56.7 and Spamassassin 3.1.6 and Perl 5.8.4
> Anyone else having this problem?
> -Mike

set your hostname on the system to include fqdn in /etc/nodename and 
/etc/hostname.bge0 (or whichever interface).  i believe there was a bug 
in Sys::Hostname::Long or something like that.  i thought i read 
somewhere it being fixed in new versions.

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