spam getting through without even being checked

Michael Baird mike at
Fri Oct 13 20:43:37 IST 2006

> I installed from the RPM, but this server is a bit unusual because it's 
> running the Ensim control panel, so not sure if everything is "by the book".
> I tried shutting down sendmail, then restarting MailScanner, but nothing 
> started listening on port 25 until I started up sendmail again. When 
> MailScanner starts, even if sendmail is stopped it says nothing about 
> sendmail, so something must be wrong. Not sure what to try or what to 
> investigate next.
> In my MailScanner.conf file, the following might give a hint:
MailScanner has *nothing* to do with spam scanning on Ensim (unless you
customize it to use spam lists). MailScanner is only used for Virus
Scanning with ensim, otherwise it uses prefs in the user's home dir to
call spamd. Make sure spamassassin is running, restart it to make sure
"service spamassassin restart". You must have spam scanning enabled for
the domain in the admin interface as well. 

MailScanner/spamassassin upgrades are tricky with Ensim, you should make
sure you've familiarized yourself with the knowledge base thouroughly
before upgrading. The Ensim forums are good, as well as forums.

Michael Baird

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