OT - Re: Mail Backing up while SpamAssassin is in Use

Derek Catanzaro derek at adcatanzaro.com
Mon Oct 9 17:21:15 IST 2006

Richard Frovarp wrote:
> Derek Catanzaro wrote:
>> ***I posted this thread in the spamassassin mailing list and was 
>> advised by another MailScanner user to post here for tuning tips with 
>> MS/SA***
>> I have been having issues with mail backing up on and off over the 
>> past week.  I am using MailScanner with SpamAssassin.  This morning 
>> for example, I had roughly 500 messages waiting in 
>> /var/spool/mqueue.in and that number had increased to about 2200 in 
>> less than an hour.  I then tell MailScanner to stop using 
>> SpamAssassin to try and identify if the problem is with SpamAssassin 
>> or not and now I'm back down to less than 50 messages waiting in the 
>> queue in less than a matter of 10 -15 minutes.  So obviously this 
>> tells me something is going on with SpamAssassin.
>> I ran "spamassassin --lint -D" and I did not notice any problems with 
>> the output other than a dcc timeout.  Then again, spamassassin has 
>> always worked well for me so I may be missing something in the output 
>> because I have really never had to troubleshoot this kind of issue 
>> with spamassassin.  The recent changes I have made to try and combat 
>> the problem is to disable bayes and I turned off the auto expire for 
>> the bayes tokens just to make sure that wasn't slowing things down.
>> I am running a local caching name server so I do not believe this to 
>> be a DNS timing issue.  I can provide my spamassassin --lint -D 
>> output if anyone is interested.
>> Fedora Core 1
>> SpamAssassin 3.1.0
>> MailScanner 4.49.7
>> sendmail 8.13.5
>> Thanks,
>> Derek
> How long is the dcc timeout? 10 seconds? 500 messages times 10 seconds 
> is about 83 minutes of extra processing time, since that timeout would 
> count for each check. It would seem that you have found your problem.
> Richard
Where is the dcc timeout set?  According to my "spamassassin --lint -D" 
results it is timing out after 5 seconds, so I'm assuming that is the 
timeout setting.
dcc: check timed out after 5 seconds

I have 2 MailScanner servers with the same setup, and one is able to use 
dcc and the other is timing out.  I'm not sure why one would be timing 
out and the other not?  They are on the same network both using local 
caching name server and both using the same DNS servers if it is not 
cached.  Is there a .conf I can check to find out what IP or dns name 
dcc tries to connect to? 


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