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Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Oct 4 17:21:59 IST 2006

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> Steve Campbell wrote:
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>>>> Or you can always get in out of cvs at logwatch.org. Having said
>>>> that I'll see if I can roll your changes into the current version.
>>>> I'd also encourge you [and everyone who uses logwatch] to upgrade
>>>> to the 7.3.1 release it.
>>>> -Mike
>>> If you are running RedHat or CentOS, the Razor's Edge RPM Repository 
>>> keeps
>>> logwatch fairly up to date.... http://rpm.razorsedge.org/
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ryan
>>> -- 
>> I just upgraded the logwatch on my CentOS 3 machine from the link above. 
>> A general pair of questions about all of this:
>> 1. I run the cron.daily logwatch and would like to email myself when this 
>> is run. Cron seems to want to run this and mail to root. I changed the 
>> logwatch.conf file (in a few different places) to "mailto" my address, 
>> but it still mails to root. Anyone know which of the four or five 
>> logwatch.conf files will correct this?
> Add this above the logwatch cron job in your root crontab:
> MAILTO="you at yourdomain.com"

I'm not sure if this is the cron variable you're speaking of or not, but I 
don't understand where you are suggesting the line should be inserted. This 
job is run from cron.daily on a RH system, using a Perl script that sets a 
lot of variables within that script. There is a line to change the logwatch 
variable "mailto", but that doesn't seem to work. The script runs through 
all of the 4 default directories to set variables as described in the man 

The big problem is that when I set the mailto variable in the script using 
myname at mydomain.com, it indicates a bad variable due to the "@". I tried 
using another form, along with a Perl string, and that doesn't work either. 
I think I'll try the /etc/logwatch/conf files and see where I go with that.

Thanks, though

> Ken A.
> Pacific.Net
>> 2. If I upgraded, what do I do with the file attached in the earlier 
>> posts? I do see ClamAV and other new stuff in the report, but will the 
>> attached file make a difference in what I get with the off-the-shelf RPM 
>> from above?
>> Thanks
>> Steve
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