New Batch: found 200 messages waiting, Number keeps increasing

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Wed Oct 4 04:21:08 IST 2006

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> Subject: New Batch: found 200 messages waiting, Number keeps increasing
> This morning while tailing my maillog I had roughly 200 messages waiting
> which is pretty normal for me.  As the day progressed the number kept
> increasing all the way up to close to 10,000 messages waiting.  I need
> some help in determining what is causing this or some guidance on what
> to look for.  I have had this happen in the past and it has usually been
> DNS related but I can rule that out this time.  I have named running and
> I am running a local caching name server and it is working as expected.
> I did notice several times throughout the day that spamassassin was
> timing out but I am not sure if this is the actual cause of the backup.
> The only other thing that has changed on my system is that I have pyzor
> working now (it was not working before) but that change was made a few
> days ago and I have not seen a backup like this until today.
> I have spot checked a few mail files and some emails are coming in by as
> much as 8 hours late, this is not going to make for a good Wednesday
> morning.  Any suggestions on what to check for would be greatly
> appreciated. 
> Fedora Core 1
> MailScanner 4.49.7
> spamassassin 3.1.0

Mike Kercher wrote:
> Are you running a local caching-only nameserver?  Are you doing RBL
> checks from within spamassassin or at the MTA?  Any custom SA rulesets?
> Mike

I am caching DNS entries locally for the sake of performance.  I do 
however have my ISP's DNS servers listed as well in case the local 
machine does not have a name cached.  RBL checks are not occurring at 
the MTA (sendmail) level.  The only other rules I have added myself 
would be the and one other german ruleset to stop 
german spam, that's all.*

*One other thing I have noticed in the log is the following message:  
"stat=timeout waiting for input during message collect".  I am going to 
see what I can find out about that error.  If anyone has any input on 
that I would appreciate it. 


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