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Use SPF and a SPF milter.

If you private IPs in use, and have split-dns you can have your SPF records be
different when queried from the inside vs outside. That way only inside hosts
(including your mailserver) will see the SPF records containing your private IPs.

Furnish, Trever G wrote:
> I don't have a solution for you, but that would be a very useful
> feature.  I'd love to limit the domains my internal users can send from,
> to combat the problem of ignorant developers who, for example, set the
> envelope sender to an address we don't own in mail sent from web forms.
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>> Evening
>> Does anyone know how to configure sendmail to restrict which 
>> domains an IP can send from?
>> I.e.
>> is allowed to send email from,
>> is allowed to send email from, 
>> (I could do this in a milter but would prefer to do this in 
>> an database file like the access map)
>> regards
>> Matt
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