70k mqueue.in but load under 1 ??

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>> If the queue is still building up, something is most likely 
>> timing out. 
>> Are you running Pyzor, Razor, or DCC? Using any odd URIBLs or 
>> DNSBLs that could be timing out? Several months ago Pyzor 
>> timed out (10 seconds per message) on me for a while, that 
>> really hurt performance. Do a lint or debug and see if 
>> anything hangs for a noticeable time period as Glenn suggested.
> Just some random follow-up thoughts.
> My own problem became less urgent when I went ahead and put SBL+XBL in
> at the MTA level, which has effectively cut our inbound message count in
> half.  Pleasant surprise there.
> I looked for things timing out, but I didn't get far enough to get exact
> timing information for the spamassassin lint output.  I wish I had been
> keeping a history of how long the razor and bayes checks take on my
> system on a single test message every day.  I'm adding that to my to-do
> list so that I have a baseline in the future.
> I expected to find an RBL timing out or spamassassin timing out, but I
> didn't find that.  I did note that for most of the morning on the day I
> had the biggest problem our internet pipe was maxed out, so DNS checks
> may have been slower, which would of course slow SA more than the MTA
> (cuz I only do a couple of dns checks in the MTA, many in SA).
> In the past I've gotten a boost in performance by starting with a fresh
> Bayes db after the db had grown very large.  Haven't done that in a
> while, might be part of the slowdown.

Possibly you have already mentioned this, if so just shake your head and 
ignore me. Are you running a DNS cache on your server? I found that 
improved things a great deal.


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