70k mqueue.in but load under 1 ??

Richard Frovarp Richard.Frovarp at sendit.nodak.edu
Tue Nov 28 16:54:52 GMT 2006

Tony Johansson wrote:
> I've added sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, dnsbl.sorbs.net and relays.ordb.org 
> at the MTA level as well as upped greet_pause to 10 seconds.
> The queue problem is now gone (for the moment) but I still dont get 
> how a mailscanner installation could drop to under 1 in load and just 
> sit there watching the queue build.
> Would it be possible do define some dynamic variables? Load under 1, 
> queue over 1k - start another mailscanner child (or whatever appropriate)
> Regards, Tony

If the queue is still building up, something is most likely timing out. 
Are you running Pyzor, Razor, or DCC? Using any odd URIBLs or DNSBLs 
that could be timing out? Several months ago Pyzor timed out (10 seconds 
per message) on me for a while, that really hurt performance. Do a lint 
or debug and see if anything hangs for a noticeable time period as Glenn 

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