Botnet 0.4 Spam Assassin plugin

René Berber r.berber at
Tue Nov 28 04:50:50 GMT 2006

John Rudd wrote:

> René Berber wrote:
>> I haven't seen where SA can be configured to add the information that
>> the user used smtp_auth.
> One of the fields in the Untrusted Relays pseudo-header (and presumably
> in the Trusted Relays psuedo-header) is "auth=".  I have _no_ idea how
> that field get set.  I am merely trusting SA to do the right thing.

In there is something about
adding header LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD, I'll test that and see if that makes SA stop
DNSBL checking authenticated users.

The documentation seems to imply that SA cannot do this alone, in fact the
example which may be for postfix is different from what I see with sendmail.

Interesting.  I only bring it up because it may be helpful for the use of the
Botnet plugin, as you showed in another message of this thread.

René Berber

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