each MS child using ~70MB of RAM

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at nkpanama.com
Mon Nov 27 16:30:11 GMT 2006

Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
>> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>>> I wouldn't drop any of these....they are the defaults.
>>> How many children are you running?
>>> How much Ram have you got (and what CPU)?
>>> How many messages per day?
>>> Are you swapping?
>> If he's using MailScanner, he's going to be swapping! ;-)
> Nope, I don't swap....!
> 1GB ram per CPU core is recommended and then you have not 
> swap...assuming you're not running any nasty old SA rulesets of course.
But OMFG MailScanner causes swapping!!! ;-) It said so on the mailing 
list!!! :D

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