Botnet 0.4 Spam Assassin plugin

Daniel Maher daniel.maher at
Mon Nov 27 14:17:52 GMT 2006

> > 12) The BOTNET rule is now worth 5 points, instead of 6.  It would be
> interesting to know what people have found as useful scores for the
> plugin.
> Too high, I wouldn't use anything above 2.5 and reason is I don't trust
> any one
> rule that much.

I'm inclined to agree - the scores are too high for my tastes as well.  My threshold is 6 to be marked as spam; one rule which applies 5 directly is simply too dangerous to be useful.

> >     i) do you want me to leave it as it is, or
> >    ii) put in the __ so that the sub-rules stop showing up in the
> >        final report?
> As long as there is a debug option, the long report should be limited for
> debug
> info and the short one for normal operation.
> --
> René Berber

Definitely use the __ format, and provide a debug option to see the individually triggered rules on demand.

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