Orphan files in /var/spool/mqueue.in

John Rudd jrudd at ucsc.edu
Fri Nov 24 20:26:33 GMT 2006

Randal, Phil wrote:
> That is an ancient version of MailScanner.  You should upgrade it to the
> latest version and then see what happens.

Um, no, they should not.

Upgrading just for the sake of upgrading is silly.  Upgrading just to 
see if things got better, with no real expectation of things having 
gotten better, is irresponsible.

They should upgrade only if:

a) this is a known bug that was fixed during the intervening versions, or

b) there are compelling features (from _their_ point of view) that make 
such an upgrade attractive.

Otherwise, they shouldn't introduce unplanned changes to their 
production systems just because "maybe" it'll fix a bug, and someone out 
there thinks their version is "ancient".

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