OT: Greylisting

--[ UxBoD ]-- uxbod at splatnix.net
Fri Nov 24 07:36:03 GMT 2006

I am been trying out different Greylist applications and came across
policyd (http://policyd.sourceforge.net) which appears to work
extremely well.

It has a nice blacklist feature, that will either 4XX or 5XX reject
emails, so I thought about how it could be used with

I have written a little perl script that looks though the Mailwatch
MySQL table maillog for rows that have > X SA score, extracts the relays
from the headers, and if the resolved domain name has more that three
'.' it writes it to the blacklist table. Any emails from that IP will
then be blacklisted for three days.

It is not fancy but may be of use to someone. Available

Feedback appreciated, whether postive or negative ;)


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