Managing per user SPAM settings w/MailScanner (but w/o MailWatch) -- simple CGI anyone?

Leah Kubik leah at
Wed Nov 22 22:24:05 GMT 2006

We realize that it is not possible to use the per user settings for SA when 
running w/MailScanner, but most of the types of things we want users to be 
able to adjust in terms of their own spam settings can be done through 
various MailScanner rulesets.  

We used to have some CGI scripts that we used to let users tweak their own SA 
preferences before we used MailScanner.   Stuff like individual whitelists, 
blacklists, spam score to be spam, etc.  So we are wondering if anyone has 
come up with a simple solution to work w/MailScanner rulesets to do something 
similar, that is simpler than the MailWatch tool.  We have MailWatch running, 
but it is a bit overkill for what we want, which is just an easy web script 
that will let users manage their own spam settings.

Has anyone worked on anything like this or have any suggestions?

Leah Kubik : d416-585-9971x692 : d416-703-5977 : m416-559-6511
Frauerpower! Co. : : Toronto, ON Canada

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