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Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at
Wed Nov 22 13:41:50 GMT 2006

Hello to all.

Apologies, as I posted something along these lines a few days ago, with no 

I recently updated spamassassin to version 3.1.7 from the last stock version 
(3.0.4) on a CentOS 3.8 box running sendmail-8.12.11-4.RHEL3.6 and the latest 
versions of MS and MailWatch.  After the SA update, all of my whitelisted 
mail is being scored,  Mail from my domain is also scanned, although 
supposedly whitelisted.  Additionally, MCP is now being scored (it's 
enabled), even though my mcp .cf file has no real rules in it.  

Some (I thinK) relevant file snippets:

From MailScanner.conf -

Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist
Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist

MCP Required SpamAssassin Score = 6  <-- I intentionally set this high so as 
not to trip MCP
MCP High SpamAssassin Score = 10
MCP Error Score = 1

MCP Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-MCPCheck:
Non MCP Actions = deliver store
MCP Actions = deliver store
High Scoring MCP Actions = deliver store
Bounce MCP As Attachment = no

MCP Modify Subject = yes
MCP Subject Text = {MCP?}
High Scoring MCP Modify Subject = yes
High Scoring MCP Subject Text = {MCP?}

Is Definitely MCP = no
Is Definitely Not MCP = no
Definite MCP Is High Scoring = no
Always Include MCP Report = no
Detailed MCP Report = yes
Include Scores In MCP Report = yes
Log MCP = no

MCP Max SpamAssassin Timeouts = 20
MCP Max SpamAssassin Size = 100000
MCP SpamAssassin Timeout = 10

MCP SpamAssassin Prefs File = %mcp-dir%/mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf
MCP SpamAssassin User State Dir =
MCP SpamAssassin Local Rules Dir = %mcp-dir%
MCP SpamAssassin Default Rules Dir = %mcp-dir%
MCP SpamAssassin Install Prefix = %mcp-dir%
Recipient MCP Report = %report-dir%/
Sender MCP Report = %report-dir%/

>From spam.whitelist.rules (although I'm not sure what affect this has) - 

From:           192.168.        yes
From:    yes
FromOrTo:       default       no

I'm not sure where else to look.

I would really appreciate some help sorting this out and getting to where I 
was prior to the SA update.

Many thanks.  And to my American colleagues, happy Thanksgiving.


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