whitelisted? But where???

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Tue Nov 21 17:07:52 GMT 2006

Andy Norris wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Once in a while a spam gets in with a high score ... because it's
> whitelisted:
> X-TireSwing-Spam: not spam (whitelisted), SpamAssassin (not cached,
>     score=29.493, required 5, autolearn=spam, BAYES_50 0.00,

> X-TireSwing-From: akstcaxtelmnsdgs at axtel.net
> I hate to ask, but does anyone else seem to have this particular
> problem? I've checked the usual suspects, as far as files go, but don't
> know where it's pulling this from.
> I will search my disk for "axtel.net"... But *I* wouldn't have put it
> there!

Interesting.. It's definitely whitelisted at the MailScanner level.

Check the file pointed to the "Is Definitely Not Spam" setting in your
mailscanner.conf.. Perhaps one of the recipients is whitelisted?


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