blocking mp3 files

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Tue Nov 21 15:27:08 GMT 2006

vinay poojary wrote:  
> i want to block mp3 files .
> I have added the same in the filename.rules.conf and the files are
> getting blocked but people started to rename the extension and sending
> it .Is there any way i could add the extension in the
> filetype.rules.conf file .

As long as you have the correct information on the "File Command =" line
in your mailscanner configuration, it should be as simple as adding a
line like:

deny    MP3             No mp3s                 No MP3 files allowed

into your filetype.rules.conf file.  The file command is usually
"/usr/bin/file", but it might be different on your distribution.  Try
"which file" to find it on your system.


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