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Tue Nov 21 03:51:05 GMT 2006

Dear Sir,
  Thanks a lot for your quick reply .
  I would surely place all your opinions in front of the mangement and would speak to them regarding the same .
  What i think is that my statement for not including images in the signature would have been more appreciated if i had some solution to add the logo in the signature , and would have told them it's not good to add the images in the signature.
  Presently i have no solution to add the images ,so they might feel that i am making the excuses for the same.
  I think mailscanner should have the feature to embed the images as a signature.The people who would like to use it would use it while those who r not interested would use the normal html signatures.
  Thks once again for your quick response.
  Vinay Poojary 

sandrews at wrote:
  Sure...why not? 

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sandrews at a écrit :
> Ok, we've all had out opinions here on it, but he's not asking that. 
> Maybe his boss will fire him unless we point him the right direction 
> here; so now that we've all had our say, let's see if we can give him 
> some help.
> I'm using my mailscanner as a smarthost for outbound email so I can 
> sign the messages with a boilerplate of legal junk...wasn't my idea, 
> but I had to do it anyway. Why can't the sign clean functionality be 
> used to add this logo in?
> It appears you'd just have to adjust inline.sig.html to have the logo 
> in there, no?
> Julian sent out this recently to make it happen:
> Sign Clean Messages = %rules-dir%/sign.clean.rules
> In /etc/MailScanner/rules/sign.clean.rules, put something like this:
> From: yes
> FromOrTo: default no
> And then if you want to vary the signature per-domain for example, use 
> this
> Inline HTML Signature = %rules-dir%/html.sig.rules Inline Text 
> Signature = %rules-dir%/text.sig.rules
> and then in ..../rules/html.sig.rules
> From: /etc/MailScanner/reports/hisdomain/inline.sig.html
> FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/reports/en/inline.sig.html
> and in ..../rules/text.sig.rules
> From: /etc/MailScanner/reports/hisdomain/inline.sig.txt
> FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/reports/en/inline.sig.txt
> That should be enough to get you started.

I don't think can work... how is he supposed to save his company logo in the HTML sig file? UUencode it?


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