Max Children and List Server Lagging

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Thu Nov 16 10:47:59 GMT 2006


>> > However, I've noticed now that I can see the # of children MailScanner 
>> > running that it seems to be ignoring my Max Children setting.
>> > I have Max Children set to "5", but recently we were doing a large 
>> > (we house a few mailing lists) and I noticed that it said there were 20+
>> > SendMail procs and 11 MailScanner children.

>> I have seen this also where a box started swapping like crazy, the max MS
>> # was set to 10, but if i was looking i had at least 30 MS childeren in
>> the SA stage...
>> Julian, does this sound familliar?

> "Worker" processes? Doing BL lookups?
> After all the Max Children are more like "pre-fork this amount of
> children, and let them hav as many worker-children as they need"...
> <insert usual disclaimer: I might be totally off on this (too:-)>

BL lookups, they are all in the spamassasin state. I certainly hope not 
that each worker can shoot away as many as it likes. I limit it to 10 for 
a reason :) And, it always worked that way also. So somehow sometimes its 
ignored. Seen that more then once lately. Only a MailScanner restart seems 
to fix it after the strange status.

I only confirm someone else also saw, so it happenes elswhere also :)


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