Max Children and List Server Lagging

Jim Coates jimc at
Thu Nov 16 06:59:50 GMT 2006

Hey all;
I just installed a couple days ago MailWatch for my MailScanner box.. great
However, I've noticed now that I can see the # of children MailScanner has
running that it seems to be ignoring my Max Children setting.
I have Max Children set to "5", but recently we were doing a large mailing
(we house a few mailing lists) and I noticed that it said there were 20+
SendMail procs and 11 MailScanner children.
I've read here in the past that too many children will slow a box down if it
doesn't have the memory and CPU to handle it, which I think is exactly the
case going on with me.  We were sending out a large mailing today and it is
taking an extraordinary amount of time (going on 14 hours of trying to send
out a total of 25,000 emails).
We do run grey listing, but our IP is white listed for the milter-greylist
and in the white list within MailScanner, so I'm not sure what is causing
the deep delays or the extra children showing from MailScanner.
Any ideas as to what might be happening or what I could look for?
I searched back through the threads and saw on related to single versus
queued sending with SendMail.. perhaps something relating to that?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
Jim Coates
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