pyzor functionality

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Wed Nov 15 20:25:42 GMT 2006

Quoting Youri LACAN-BARTLEY <ylacan at>:

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>> I just have the following in cron.daily;
>> <code>
>> #!/bin/bash
>> pyzor discover
>> echo >>/.pyzor/servers
>> </code>
> What exactly is the point of adding the "old" invalid ip in .pyzor/servers ?
> Wouldn't <code>echo > ~/.pyzor/servers</code> be
> enough ?

precisely, that is the default behavior.. pyzor is not designed to  
work with multiple pyzord servers. However a recently posted SA patch  
can use both servers.. not a fallback but a 2 individual queries. Both  
patches are attached in the bugzilla page.. first one will take the  
best result and the other will use a sum of the 2 results.


- dhawal

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