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Wed Nov 15 15:42:13 GMT 2006

Thank you both for the response...
I had seen the lack of updates... but pyzor still helped me in 
(without, more spam comes through)

(yes, I do have DCC and Razor too, gocr patch for SpamAssassin too, but 
that's somewhat relying on Pyzor)

I guess I'll have to do without :)
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>> Hi,
>> On several servers, PYZOR seems to work every now and then...
>> I can't seem to find a reason why... no errormessages when checking with -
>> -lint
>> To be honest, I don't have much of a clue...
>> What would be a good way of testing whether the online request gets a
>> proper answer?
>> Kind regards,
>> Erik van der Leun
> Eric,
> The Pyzor server or servers if there is more than one are often off line.
> Pyzor has not been updated since September 7, 2002. It's become unreliable
> at best. Attempts to contact the author with offers of help and servers have
> failed.
> Pyzor timeouts simply slow down SpamAssassin processing. Pyzor should not be
> used on a busy server. 
> Steve
> Stephen Swaney
> Fort Systems Ltd.
> stephen.swaney at

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