Massive queue buildup

Chandler, Jay chandler at
Wed Nov 15 04:58:18 GMT 2006

I've checked the log, and it seems reasonable.  I'm not seeing any
deferral messages.

Two relevant points:

1. The log with the crapton of messages in it is the Hold queue,
implying that MailScanner is the bottleneck for one reason or another.

2. Said queue was at 15K last night, this morning it was at 5K, so that
implies that a second box SHOULD allieviate the problem.

In theory.

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> Built my first Mailscanner / Postfix box on Friday due to a Sendmail 
> meltdown last week-- was forced to throw this box into production
> It ran fine over the weekend, but today there's a massive queue 
> buildup when I run an mqueue-- 10K so far and building.
> Any idea where to look to sort out where it's coming from?

I know this sounds silly, but what about your mail log?

> It's possible the box itself is overloaded, 2 2.4 ghz procs, with a 
> load average of around 13.

Slow DNS lookups? Large bayes db's ect ect ...

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