FreeBSD 4.11 Ports Issue

ohlund at ohlund at
Tue Nov 14 21:02:19 GMT 2006

> ohlund at wrote:

> First of all, you should have posted to the freebsd-ports mailing list,
> not here.

First of all, I did post to FreeBSD list. They suggested that I post here.
Apparently there is a BSD expert that lurks here.

> I would recommend you get with time and consider updating to FreeBSD 6.

Jumping to a new major release isn't guaranteed to resolve my problem, is
it? 4.11 is still supported so there's some other issue. Ultimately I will
upgrade to 6, but right now I have this issue to resolve.

> As a last resort, you can try using the MS packages available
> on the website instead of the port.

As a last resort, I will resort to the package, but I was hoping to gain
some insight as to why the port didn't build.


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