Massive queue buildup

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Tue Nov 14 01:22:14 GMT 2006

Brent Addis wrote:

> Brent Addis wrote:
>> But it is the point. If time is in any way critical, email isn't for you. PERIOD.
> Unfortunatly, no matter how many times to tell people with this, they will still use email. People have this perception that email is the ultimate communicaton tool.

People are unfortunately stupid.

> Suffice it to say the person sending the email now knows about mail delays. You can't educate every single user about this sort of thing (people come and go very often) , all you can do is reduce the possiblity of it happening.

Agreed, and I go to great lengths to achieve that. My greylist delay numbers in
my post are a testament to that.

Most of the conditions under which I greylist mail are typically conditions most
sites will outright blacklist it.

2hr greylist:
	envelope FROM is forged system account in my domain (ie: postmaster)

1hr greylist:
	listed in  XBL, or SORBS-DUL

15 minute greylist:
	listed in SBL

1 minute greylist:
	listed in SORBS-WEB
	envelope FROM is forged address in my domain (not from my servers)
	no reverse DNS
	reverse DNS hostname variant of ""
	reverse DNS hostname ""
	reverse DNS hostname ""
	any mail to RFC required address (postmaster, hostmaster, etc)
	any mail to a whois contact address
	sending IP is in apnic or lacnic
	a few specific problem ISPs in Europe I have little reason to expect mail from.

> I'm not really willing to enter a flame war on greylisting as I care very little about it.

Fair enough.

> I do however take your below statements on board. This is simply my opinion on greylisting and in no way did I mean to get your panties in a knot.

Fair enough, no panties in a knot. I was mostly in a "you've GOT to be kidding
me" mode.

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