Massive queue buildup

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greylisting is bad and I will never ever run it. I know of one case where greylisting has very nearly killed someone. They probably shouldn't have been using email to do what they were, but thats not the point.
greylisting adds an unnecessary delay to email, and can quite easilly be beaten if a spammer sets his mind to it.


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Run a DNS server locally, add more memory/CPU, use Greylisting, process mail using sender address verification before SA at the postfix or sendmail level and use RBLs at the postfix or sendmail level.


That should get your server load down to 2.0 or lower to keep up with your traffic.




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Built my first Mailscanner / Postfix box on Friday due to a Sendmail meltdown last week-- was forced to throw this box into production early.


It ran fine over the weekend, but today there's a massive queue buildup when I run an mqueue-- 10K so far and building.


Any idea where to look to sort out where it's coming from?


It's possible the box itself is overloaded, 2 2.4 ghz procs, with a load average of around 13.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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