Slightly OT - RBL test.

Res res at
Mon Nov 13 21:33:54 GMT 2006

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006, Tony Enderby wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wondering if someone who gets a fair mail volume passing through their 
> servers (10 to 30k) per day
> and who uses MailScanner would mind testing a budding RBL I am setting up and 
> in the process of testing
> at the moment.
> The current IP lists are small and won't return anything useful for a while 
> but I'd like to load test the servers on which they run.

Useing rbldnsd? I set this up once, we used a crappy single cpu p3 server 
with like only 512 ram, thats how gutless it was..(well it was only 
occupying storage space otherwise)...  Our 6 key mail servers processed 
well over 3 million messages a day and it never murmered, nor was 
there any impact on the mail servers, we went this way because it was 
easier to maintain our mail blocking rather than add them to all the
servers access lists.


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