Mail Not Delivering --REALLY BAD!!

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Rick, the way that mailscanner works is to have a sendmail process that pulls mail into an incoming queue ( usually /var/spool/ ) and then mailscanner scans it and moves it to the outgoing queue ( usually /var/spool/mqueue ).  If mailscanner just stopped scanning mail for some reason then you should be able to see any mail that you received by looking in /var/spool/  A 'mailq -OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/' will show you any mail that is stuck in that directory.  If there is no mail sitting in that queue, then that means that mailscanner was scanning and moving it to the outgoing queue.  If that is the case, then a 'mailq -OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/mqueue' should show you what is hung up there.  However if you have started sendmail by itself, then that directory should be clear, as that is what sendmail will use by default as well.  

Have you looked in /var/log/maillog for anything strange starting Friday afternoon?  I would suspect something to be there if Mailscanner started having problems.  It is usally pretty talkative when it starts having any sort of issues.  

The directories that I have pointed out above are the Mailscanner defaults, so it is possible that your setup may be using different directories.  You will need to check your /etc/Mailscanner/Mailscanner.conf file to make sure where your incoming and outgoing queues are ( 'Incoming Queue Dir' and 'Outgoing Queue Dir' ).  Hopefully all of your mail just spooled up in /var/spool/ and didn't get lost, but in any case, /var/log/maillog should give you a clue what is going on.

I hope that this helps.  I know that feeling that comes when you think that you have lost users mail.


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Thanks for all your replies, but this is starting to get serious! 

I have a bunch of clients who are expecting mail, and I don't know what
to tell them. 

Here is the situation:

Mail stopped being delivered last Friday with no notice!  I even sent
test emails right from my local command promt to myself and they went
nowhere! i.e. #echo test |mail -s test lists at

Where did this mail go?  Right now, I am running sendmail w/o
mailscanner at all! this is the only way mail gets delivered! 

Please Help!

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