Mailwatch configuration for some servers

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Nov 10 16:07:26 GMT 2006

Philippe BEAU wrote:
> Re,
>> Philippe BEAU wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I've try Mailwatch and find it very usefull. Also i found there is a lot
>>> of developpement to do on.
>>> i would like to found a documentation to install Mailwatch with 2
>>> mailscanners servers. Is anyone did it ?
>> It can be done, but I don't think there is much doc on it.  Contact
>> Steve Freegard from FSL (the author of MailWatch) for details.
> yes but ... to contact me ... you have to first found his email ! i've
> subscribe to the Mailing list ... another one ....

That is the best path to take, as everyone on the list can benefit from 
the input.

BTW MailWatch's development is paid by FSL and is GPL released.  For 
advanced features, there might not be a lot of easy-to-find 
documentation, so if you need advanced features, I suggest you support 
MailWatch's development by collaborating with Steve (steve.freegard at or paying FSL to do the job on your servers.  They do a great 
job and the pricetag is fair.



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