Think I found why SAREs rules weren't working.

Steve Campbell campbell at
Fri Nov 10 01:00:17 GMT 2006

OK, I feel a little blushy now, but this is what I found about why my SARE rule
sets weren't working.

A little background -

For some time, auto-learn hasn't been working. I noticed this a while back, but
just thought it might have been due to a great set of Bayes files.

I also noticed that the SARE rules were catching a lot (none, in fact), but just
noticed the "none" part today with the recent thread on "New SPAM emails recently".

I have both SARE adult and stocks in my /etc/mail/spamassassin folder.

When I would update the rules database for MailWatch from the Tools menu, they
showed up. When I ran Spamassassin Lint test from the same menu, nothing showed
up as a problem. The problem was I never noticed that a lot of the rules  files
weren't  showing up. I use a lot of Sendmail access table entries and was doing
pretty well without the rules.

So I was given a false sense of "rightness" until I ran into these "Hi" emails
and they weren't being trapped.

I soon discovered that the setting in MailScanner.conf, SpamAssassin Site Rules
Dir, was blank, apparently from a past update that I didn't catch. At one point,
this folder _was_ being used. After setting this to "/etc/mail/spamassassin",
all is well now. It must not use the default I thought it did.

AutoLearn even works now.

Hope this helps someone else.

Steve Campbell

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