New SPAM e-mails recently?

Jon Leeman technician at
Thu Nov 9 20:38:08 GMT 2006

Jason Williams wrote:
> Anyone been getting some new SPAM recently, where it comes in with
> subjects like:
> It's Lorenzo :)
> It's Flavia :)
> Bunch of names in the subject line.
> In the body of the message, it is a wide range of things like to buy
> viagra and cialis.
> Or a couple today are for buying stock (buy this symbol) etc.
> Anyone been getting these? Im still getting my SA rules back in order.
> Wasn't sure if any of these were sneaking through to anyone else.
> For those that are blocking, what is catching it so I can quickly put it
> in?
> Thanks,
> -Jason

Yes, I am seeing these and they're currently getting through MS /
Postfix.  Would also like to know how to drop them - preferrably with

Glenn? :-)


Jon (Nauru)

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