archive mail functionality for windows?

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> Hi all,
> We have a custom application that utilizes the archive mail function in
> MailScanner.  Basically any email sent to a particular address is archived
> in MailScanner.  The application then processes the email messages in the
> Archive directory and integrates them into the application.  It also
> handles the file attachments.
> Now, our issue is needing to port this application to Windows.  I am not
> at all familiar with any options that might be available to do this.  If
> someone might have some suggestions, please let me know.
> Thank you for your time,
> Diane

Might not be relevant but take a look at:

I quote:

"Email Archiving for Microsoft Exchange.

MailArchiva is a powerful email archiving solution. It is all you need to
ensure that your organization's emails are backed up permanently. It
automatically retrieves emails from Microsoft Exchange and stores them on
multiple hard disks."

It's a free application. You pay for support. I've tested and it seems to
work as advertised but I don't know how well the free version will scale.


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