OT: archive mail functionality for windows?

Diane Rolland drolland at kdinet.com
Thu Nov 9 14:27:11 GMT 2006

Anthony Peacock wrote:
> Hi,
> Diane Rolland wrote:
>> Anthony Peacock wrote:
>>> Diane Rolland wrote:
>>>> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>>>>> Diane Rolland wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> We have a custom application that utilizes the archive mail
>>>>>> function in MailScanner.  Basically any email sent to a
>>>>>> particular address is archived in MailScanner.  The application
>>>>>> then processes the email messages in the Archive directory and
>>>>>> integrates them into the application.  It also handles the file
>>>>>> attachments. 
>>>>>> Now, our issue is needing to port this application to Windows.  I
>>>>>> am not at all familiar with any options that might be available
>>>>>> to do this.  If someone might have some suggestions, please let
>>>>>> me know. 
>>>>>> Thank you for your time,
>>>>>> Diane
>>>>> Diane
>>>>> what's  the application written in? perl, C ..???
>>>> The application is in php/mysql.
>>>>> besides 'archiving' the email somewhere else, what else does it
>>>>> do. If it needs to be accessed via windows then why not write a
>>>>> html interface to it then it's available on most platforms.
>>>> The archive is just a temporary holding place so that the php
>>>> application can parse the raw email files in the archive directory.
>>>> It can take attached documents and them make them available to the
>>>> web based php/mysql application.  The attached documents are not
>>>> available outside the application (i.e. you cannot browse to them
>>>> on a file share).
>>> OK!  So my question is what do you mean by 'application'?
>>> Are your referring to the whole infrastructure including MailScanner
>>> or are you just talking about your php app?
>  >
>> I suppose my challenge is finding a way to get mailed delivered to a
>> filesystem so that the php application can parse the raw mail files.
>> On our Linux platforms we use MailScanner's archive to file
>> functionality to do this. 
>> The php will run on either linux or windows web server, so the need I
>> have is how to get the mail delivered to a file location where it is
>> accessible to the php scripts.
>> There isn't necessarily an Exchange server in the picture either, so
>> maybe I'm needing to look at some sort of mail server??
> Ah!  That make the situation much simpler.
> Can't you use something like Samba to make the 'archive' directory on
> the MailScanner machine available as a Windows share? 
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Thanks for all of the feedback/suggestions...  We deliver this application
to various customers some of which refuse to do anything outside of
Windows...  Therefore, the need for some other solution.  I'm looking at
some various email servers and hopefully can find something useful.  Life is
so much simpler when open minded IT departments are involved  :)

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