MailScanner users using latest Postfix

Drew Marshall drew at
Wed Nov 8 15:27:05 GMT 2006

On Wed, November 8, 2006 14:42, Glenn Steen wrote:
> Usually I'd agree, but (clued in from another thread by Jason) this
> time it is because he set the (MailScanner) Incoming Work Dir to be
> the hold queue... So those errors are due to MailScanner writing one
> directory/child (childs PID as name) into the hold queue, nothing more
> "sinister" than that:-).

Ahh yes, just read that one. Agreed.

> Then again, with the speed and ... precision... Jason had while
> setting this up, the usual problems with bayes, razor etc isn't
> unlikely, I'll readily agree to that:-).

But I suspect in Jason's instance that is some where further down the work
stack. It works, time for bed, fix fine details later :-)

Now I wonder how many of us have have done that? ;-)


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