MailScanner and Exchange 5.5

Ken Goods KGoods at
Wed Nov 8 00:04:36 GMT 2006

Steve Roy-Wojciechowski wrote:
> I am setting up a  MailScanner system that will sit infront of an
> Exchange 5.5 server.  I had hoped to use milter-ahead but exchange 5.5
> blindly accepts mail for the domain without first checking the user.
> I was wanting incoming mail to the mailscanner  machine to be checked
> by exchange and dropped at the incoming point if the user/mailbox
> doesn't exist. I am using sendmail on the Linux/MS machine with mail
> being forwarded via a mailertable rule.  Is there another way of
> accomplishing this with either sendmail or mailscanner or even on
> exchange?
> There are approx 100 email addresses.  My client will be upgrading to
> exchange 2003 sometime, but not in the near future.
> Thanks
> Steve

Hi Steve,
Easily doable with sendmail's virtusertable. I use it here and it works a
charm. Since I've only got about two hundred email addresses that don't
change that often I usually do it manually. I did however export the
mailboxes form Exchange (5.5) and wrote a little visual basic program to
initially build the list. If you'd like to know more details contact me off
list since this is a little off topic.

Kind regards,

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
AIA/CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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