ClamAV messed up

Gerry gdoris at
Mon Nov 6 21:11:14 GMT 2006

I upgraded from FC 4 to FC 6 a short time ago.  I thought everything was
working until I ran into problems with ClamAV and MailScanner:

1. MailScanner was continually restarting until I changed "clamavmodule" to
"clamav" in MailScanner.conf

2. Running MailScanner --lint indicates that I have "clamav" in the conf
file but MailScanner finds "clamavmodule" instead

3. Doing an upgrade_virus_scanners checks ClamAV but also generic.  I don't
have generic listed anywhere

4. Running MailScanner -v shows that Mail::ClamAv is installed

5. Using CPAN to reinstall Mail::ClamAV says it is already installed.  Doing
a forced install fails at the make

Inspite of all this ClamAV is scanning messages.  I'm using MailScanner
4.56.8-1 and ClamAV of rc2-99.  I know that's a rc level but I had the same
problem with 0.88.5 and thought I'd try something different.

I haven't a clue where to start on this.

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