Not detecting some instances of viruses

Alex Neuman alex at
Sat Nov 4 14:21:12 GMT 2006

Jon Bates wrote:
> I'm having trouble whereby only SOME instances of the same virus are being
> identified by ClamAV.
> The virus is exactly the same type every time, but only some get detected -
> the rest are sent on to the user!
> There is no pattern that I can see - Zip files (containing infected exe),
> and plain exe files have been allowed through.
> I've subsequently scanned the users mailbox on the server using clamscan,
> and it DOES detect the email! For some reason, when it is scanned when the
> message is received, it's not detected. 
> Any help would be appreciated!
> - Jon Bates
You shouldn't be allowing EXEs in the first place, I think.

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